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My debut EP Ocean is available everywhere.

jessica yip ocean ep album

it's never too late to transform

This album is a miracle of my Calling in “The One” journey.

My commitment to love required reclaiming the power of my voice and the truth of who I am.

No more playing small.

No more hiding.

I grew braver each day,

investing in my own goals, nurturing my talents, and taking a stand for the love and connection I so wanted and deeply deserved.

ocean ep jessica yip music

fate aligned...

When Katherine Woodward Thomas introduced me to the Koren Brothers and the “Your Big Voice” Songwriter’s Journey, I knew this was my opportunity to turn a lifelong dream into reality.

With their guidance, mentorship, and brotherhood, I captured my journey from lost to found in 6 heartfelt tracks.

→ I was born again with every word I wrote.

This music is the journey and the destination.

Track List

01 // hero

Filled with questions and nerves, ‘Hero’ begins at the beginning. I knew that this healing journey would take me to places I’d never been. It didn’t matter how challenging it would be because I had already closed the door. I was scared but I was ready. Transformation only goes one way.

Can I tell you the truth here?
I’ve been lost like an old friend
Can I start with love again?
Find my way back

What if the world I believe in
Is calling for a new rhythm?
Will you hear what I need to say?
Do I belong here?
Will I find my way?

Can I erase all the faces that I had to paint?
Laughing to hide the pain
I’ll finally say what I – what I need to say
Steadier every day
Goodbye I’ll wave
I promise I will
Say what I need to
Say what I really mean
One word, I’m already changed

Found myself at the gravesite
Wiped her tears, gave her my hand
And all my stories will start again
Peering through daylight

I’ve had an ache in my heart
And I’ve been afraid to want more
Is there love that’s not a war?
Will it be alright

If I keep saying more?
If I swim further from the shore?

I found the faith that I needed to finally start anew
Opening every door
What a relief to never need solid proof
I’m going worlds away

Goodbye I’ll wave
I promise
I will let go
Say what I need to
Say what I really mean
Oh what a beautiful day
(Goodbye I’ll wave)
Oh what a beautiful day
(Goodbye I’ll wave)

Oh what a beautiful way to be the hero
The hero that I seek
Able to withstand the fire
Who will I be when I say what I really mean?
When the ruins have fallen away
Who wins when I say what I really mean?
I’m turning pages
Riding the waves
I’m crashing through the seams
I’m coming clean today

Crown me the queen of eternal change
And I’ll start to lead
I’m going worlds away

(Goodbye I’ll wave)

02 // Angel (feat. Thorald Koren)

I was barely 5 years old when my younger brother passed away, and I was, as you would expect, forever changed. For me, after grieving, the next step was to build a new relationship with him. I suspect that this is what we must all do when faced with loss: we integrate it by creating new meaning. Singing this duet with brother Thorald was my way of commemorating that evolution.

I’ve been divided
This wrong I can’t right it
No place to heal

Wandering for love,
I went on to play the
Fool for years

Handing out smiles
Keeping at bay my
Ocean of tears

Nothing to see here
Forget I remembered
Oh this isn’t real

I’ve been low been hiding
In the crashing waves
If I close my eyes
The ocean won’t appear

You can’t call my bluff ‘cuz
I won’t let you deal
Running away
I’ve been afraid to feel

I watch in amazement
The way you keep diving
Go deeper still

Claiming your place now
Bask in the light now
They’re only tears

I’m in awe how
You’ve earned your wings now
Turn and chase the wind

Oh please forgive me
for leaving you early
It was all too real

Between wrong and right
They say there is a field
I hope you understand
I’ll always be your shield

But with all you’ve learned
It’s time to take the wheel
I broke your heart
So I could teach you to heal

You’re never alone now, I’m here

I’m never alone now, you’re here

Never alone now, you’re here

03 // Ocean

This was the first song I wrote for the album. I was just learning what it meant to stay healthy even in relationships with unhealthy people. I practiced having boundaries, engaged conflict for the sake of deeper understanding, and for the first time, I didn’t give my whole life to someone just because they gave me attention. ‘Ocean’ is about learning to love without losing yourself in the process.

Am I whole enough
To share this with someone?
Give them this taste of love
Painted with the setting sun
I’m aglow and I’m older
And I’m waking up to start again
And we go .. oh oh oh

You say, “Hey, be free
Come swim in this with me
Can I call you love?
You might be bruised enough”
And we say oh
Fill it up
How were we supposed to know?
We say oh
The wind’s enough
Oh oh

In my youth, you’d be a sea that I’d drown in forever
In my youth, we’d drift away wishing on stars together
Oceans deep inside
We found war and we found light
Oh oh

Always in between
Stay or do I run?
Can you say what you mean?
Please put down the gun
Oh, am I hard to read?
Even when you’re world’s away, love
Oh oh
I know
Oh oh
We loved.

So it’s true
It’s in the dark where we find all the treasure
Told the truth
And I forgave the changes in the weather
Hold me in those storms
In those waves, you are warm
(Oh Oh)
My love, I know
I’ve always known
My love, I know

Oh I hate to leave
But there’s an ocean in these bones
And with this haze I breathe
I know it’s time to go
And I will hold you in my heart
In my youth
In my dreams
And I’ll say, go
We sail on

04 // Days Like These

If this album was a movie, this track would be the montage. From New York to San Francisco to my current home in Bishop, California, this song pays homage to the stunning places that have shaped my soul. No matter where we are, there are days that will feel unremarkable and others that are unforgettable. The beauty is that they all count in the end.

Stumbled in with a life in a suitcase
And a wobbling heart
Cut in on a race
Cashing in on the courage to start

Wild eyes belong here
Chase whatever you want here
City lights teaching you
To shine in the dark

New life ain’t that far
On days like these
Days like these
The skyline lit with stars
On days like these
Days like these

I’ll take flight

Chased the sun all the way to the ocean
Blooming out of the fog
Took a drive weaving through the emotion
Hiding under the rocks

Playing games on the surface
Soul is crying on purpose
It’s time to wake up, you know it

Just breathing is an art
On days like these
Days like these
Am I brave enough to part
On days like these
Days like

These broken wings will catch me

Who would’ve known?
Everyone already heard
Play the ace in your sleeve
Set fire to your cards
You’ll get there soon
You’ll get there soon
On days like

Taste the moments then they’re gone
On days like these
Days like these

The whole world in your arms
On days like these

Stay with me
all we’ve got is more time

Before we’ve seen it all
There’ll be days like these
One more call
New life’s not far away
I’ll fade like
Fade like these
Fade like the sun meeting the ocean
I’ll fade

05 // worlds away

I feel so far away from who I used to be. Thank goodness! What a miracle it is that we can grow and evolve beyond our past and the patterns in our lineage. What a gift to be able to change our minds, tell the truth, and, after releasing anything and everything that is not aligned with our inherent worthiness, build a new, authentic life.

I woke up, rising from the dust
Feeling like a ghost
I lost my mind
Didn’t want it in the first place

The chains had grown so long
Beneath them I’d grown strong
You can take them back
They weren’t mine in the first place

So now I’m crawling
Flying worlds away

Maybe I’ll soar
Toward love that’s endless
Build a new home
Of golden forgiveness

Grow tall like a mountain
With rivers painting me blue as they flow
Red desert sun
Warms my winter soul
Living in a dream
I’m worlds away

Oh I know I’ve fallen
But my angels taught the devil to cry
I’m ashes but I’ve never been more alive
Died a hundred times on that stage
So I could live this way

Mended wings and wilder horses
Stitched beneath my skin
There’s no game to win
Had to lose just to begin again

Handed in my lies and weapons
Walked naked through hell
Fear and flames trying to drown me in the wishing well

And I said
I’m not giving up this heart so easily

Maybe I’ll soar
Toward love that’s endless
Build me a home of golden forgiveness

Let the snow become lakes so blue
They come to rival the sky
When death becomes you
Then you know you’ve alive

Oh I started living when I lost my mind

Oh my love, I’m smiling free cuz I know that we never die
I see your wings, are you ready to fly?
I’ve made a thousand one mistakes
So I could love this way

Woke up, rising from the dust
Hearts lit like the sun
Let’s paint this town
It was ours from the first day

What do you say?

06 // Home (feat. Isaac Koren)

Isaac first created this melody as part of a class demonstration, but I loved it so much, I asked the Brothers to flesh it out into a song. I wrote these lyrics last because it was the only song about the future, for a love I didn’t know yet. I wasn’t entirely sure what would emerge. When I thought I’d nailed it, it changed again as we were recording; I penned the last chorus minutes before jumping in the booth. Just like magic, everything fell into place.

No turns to take
This is the place
I’ve come so far to stand on this shore
Come a long way so I can see more tonight

Here comes my fate
There’s magic to make
Nothing I’ve done is holding me back
Freedom I’ve won but now I’m down to stay

Looking into your eyes
Your hands tell me it’s time
Suddenly my heart gives way

Nothing’s the same
It’s better this way
All that you are and all that you’re not
Is all that I want so
Listen when I say

This heart I’ve healed
You were fated to steal
Our ocean is rising higher each day
Our desert a paradise to play with fire

Dancing from the first day
You crash in like the waves
Suddenly my heart gives way
(It gives way)

For all the storms you’ve weathered
After all the years you’ve soldiered
The light
The light leads us

Looking into your eyes
Look at this, our new life
Suddenly my heart gives way

Endless as time
We follow the signs
You’re the right place and you’re the last rhyme

Here comes my fate
Magic to make
Angels and stars are guiding our way
Wherever we are
We are home.

ocean ep by jessica yip

Listen to Ocean now

I am thrilled and honored to share this miracle with you.

Thank you for listening.

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