Calling in
“The One”

Break free from painful patterns.

Create and sustain happy, healthy love.

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let me guess...

You’ve got a life that looks pretty damn good on paper, but there’s a growing ache in your heart.

I know how you feel.

meet jessica yip

I always thought if I did things “right,” love would just happen like it seemed to for everyone else.

But underneath my material success, I was reliving all the toxic patterns that I was raised with:
— Hot/cold relationships,
— The inability to navigate conflict,
— Martyring my needs/desires/goals for those of others.

Even so, I was no stranger to self-development. A lifelong learner, do-er, and achiever — just like you — I read, listened to, and practiced it all. For years.

But the many tools I had weren’t the ones I needed to put a stop to this cycle of heartbreak.

Calling in “The One” finally broke the spell.

Love is no longer a mystery, a struggle, or a fantasy.

When I tell you that I’m healthy, I mean that I feel confident and connected to myself in a way that I didn’t know was possible. All of my dreams — of being in love, of being an entrepreneur, of making a music album, of belonging to a community, of writing a book — have become a miraculous reality.

I coach because, despite all the ways we may have been actively and/or passively taught otherwise, everyone deserves to love and be loved. I coach because the joyful future you want is more than possible. It’s waiting for you, and I’m here to help you get there.

Success Stories

“Before working with Jessica I was unsure about a relationship I was just getting into. I was unclear whether I was reliving certain patterns and behaviors that were actually not serving me. At 36 years of age, looking to find “the One” I was unsure of myself and my decision. Immediately I had so many personal breakthroughs and realizations through my sessions with Jessica. She is an incredible listener, and very intuitive and together we were able to explore and unravel my own limiting beliefs that used to permeate everything from my love life, to my business and personal life. What she does uniquely different than other coaches is that she takes great notes, and summarizes the lessons and discoveries so that I can process them and apply them to my life which makes a big difference! I am much more clear, and confident in how I show up for myself, in my relationship and how I will continue to show up because of the discoveries and insights I gained being coached by Jessica. Thank you so much!”

kevin s., california

Working with Jessica has helped me embody the version of myself I always hoped to become, but never knew how to be. Jessica is attentive, compassionate, an incredible listener, and has a talent for guiding you down the best road to help you reach your goals. I would recommend her to anyone to finally create the change you’ve been looking for. DO IT!”

risa, illinois

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Finally get the support you’ve needed — from peers and Certified Coach Jessica Yip — to put your past to rest so that you’re liberated to create a miracle in your love life.

Become magnetic to the soul partnership you desire. We begin again in September 2024.

Rewrite your love story.

This is your happy ending beginning.

Nothing will change until you do.

It’s time to reclaim your confidence, worthiness, and power to create the love you want and deserve.

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ocean ep by jessica yip

Ocean EP now available

This album is one of the greatest miracles to come out of my Calling in “The One” journey.

With guidance and mentorship, I captured my journey from lost to found in 6 heartfelt tracks. I was born again with every word I wrote.

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