About Jessica

About Jessica

Calling in “The One” Coach.
Writer. Teacher. Healer.

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searching for a miracle?

This is it.

Every day, I watch countless bright, resourceful, make-it-happen men and women struggle to generate and sustain the intimate, loving relationships they seek.

Hitting professional milestones feels straightforward, but deep love always feels just out of reach.

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I’ve been there—

I graduated from New York University Stern School of Business and went on to manage multimillion-dollar organizations in New York and San Francisco.

I traveled often, ate well, and was surrounded by loyal friends and brilliant teams.


—I was involved with emotionally unavailable men;
—My relationship with my parents was stifled by everything we never said;
—My bigger dreams were buried under a pile of fear and ‘Am I doing it right?’-anxieties.

Despite my best efforts...

The “success” I’d found was ultimately more aligned with others’ expectations than my own authentic desires.

The life I’d pushed so hard for became less fulfilling and more exhausting with each breath I took.

“Is this it? No way am I doing this for another 50 years.”

Determined to change, I discovered Calling in “The One.”

Free from the grips of my past, committed to my choices, and equipped with the necessary tools and resources, I finally became who I needed to be to create and sustain the love, joy, and peace I’d been searching for.

today, i’m in love —i am love.

My relationship with my parents and family is vibrant and healthy.

My friendships have deepened, and I belong to a community, something I never quite understood before.

This internal and external rootedness has given me the confidence to pursue, receive, and delight in anything and everything life has to offer.

In fact, I released my debut music album in 2021 and a book is coming soon — none of which was possible before Calling in “The One.”

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All about healthy relationships, why healing the past is a key component of developing your ‘strongest self’, and what becomes possible when you align yourself – from the inside out! – with your desired future.

Jessica is committed to sharing these resources to generate more joy and healthy love in the world. To book Jessica for Media Interviews, Speaking Gigs, Publications, Collaborations or Online Trainings, please get in touch here.

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Are you ready to live your best life?

In addition to my own total transformation, I bring over a decade’s worth of experience in leadership development and somatic attunement to my coaching practice.

I also work directly with Katherine Woodward Thomas, NY Times Best-Selling Author of Calling in “The One”: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life and Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After, as her Director of Programming & Production and a Faculty Coach.

Ariadna's Success Story

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“Jessica helped guide me to a place where I feel unshakeable. I was so happy each session and I came away with so much more patience and understanding of myself, so that I could make better choices about the kinds of people I wanted to attract in my life. Jessica has a wonderful energy that kept me optimistic for very real change, and the wisdom to help me identify how I was self-sabotaging in ways I didn’t even expect. She knows the right questions to ask, but more than this, she helped me to ask the right questions of myself, and this is what I found truly empowering about her coaching. The loneliness I felt prior to doing the course has been replaced with feeling reinvigorated about my life ahead; my heart is full knowing that I am enough.

ariadna, sydney, australia

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