DreamBuilding Workshop


The 4 Pillars of Creating Holy Sh*t Miracles
& Lasting Change

Workshop Series starting february 1st | only 8 spots available

Do you hear whispers in your soul about the life you’re supposed to be living?

Sometimes, we do and achieve for years (and years) only to end up somewhere we’re not sure we want to be.

What looked shiny before no longer fits and the yearning for more heart and less noise has become impossible to ignore.

What would it take to break up the stuckness and

live a life that feels like a dance?

How do we begin carving a path that leads us to a life we’ve never known?

A life where you laugh with all of your teeth.

A life that is as rooted in contribution and connection as it is in freedom and creativity.

Fully expressed. Inspired. Joyful.


happy man
happy woman
happy couple
confident man

I’ll tell you a secret:

Everything you’re dreaming of is dreaming of you too.

The question is:

Are you willing to meet it halfway?

dreambuilding workshop with jess yip

DreamBuilding is for you, if:

You can turn the improbable into the inevitable

Join Coach Jessica Yip for an intimate, immersive 4-week experience where you will release internal blocks, (re)ignite your creative engine, and start living your most joyful life on your terms!

During our 4 weeks together, you will:

Program Includes:


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DreamBuilding: The 4 Pillars of Creating Holy Sh*t Miracles & Lasting Change begins February 1st 

Only 8 spots available!

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