Calling in
“The One”

One-on-One coaching program to create a miracle in love

about jessica yip

Graduate from past patterns to finally live a life that invites and sustains happy, healthy love.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve had your heart broken enough times or been alone so long that you’re starting to wonder if love has passed you by.

You feel like love simply works out for everyone else but you.

You wish there was a way to find real love and keep it, but you can’t seem to escape the pull of old patterns.

You’ve been putting on a brave face for years. But the ache inside is increasingly difficult to hide.

The thought of plodding along like this for another year numbs you with dread.

...something needs to change

Your lonely heart yearns for a relationship

One that feels restful and easy, like a safe haven in the storm of life.

You want a relationship where

You are free to BE YOU.

You want a healthy partnership – a vibrant, expansive love between equals.

…But, if you’re honest, you’re not sure if you’ve ever seen it and you know without a doubt that you have never felt it.

despite your best attempts...

The love you find always seems to slip through your fingertips.

They’re passionate and then they go cold, leaving you desperately wondering what went wrong.

Or they check every box, but you’re bored.

Or there’s chemistry, but they’re unavailable – an impossible schedule, long distance, and/or still tangled up with someone else.

You’re tired of always being the one who’s trying to make it work.

Painful relational patterns become more intense over time.

so Unless you start interrupting those cycles today

…You’ll spend the rest of your days reliving the same dynamics with the same types of people, while the life and love you were meant for drift further and further away.

…You’ll keep procrastinating your real goals and waste precious time distracting yourself from the ache of that misalignment.

…Whatever success you do find will always feel underwhelming because it never seems to be enough and isn’t what you really want.

…The relationships you do have will stall because you don’t know how to generate the deeper sense of belonging and love that you want and deserve.


Most other relationship resources are primarily concerned with changing our behavior.

While labels, diagnosis, and do-this-not-that guidelines can be informative and useful, the changes will not last if your underlying consciousness remains the same.

The truth is

Addressing behavior without transforming the underlying consciousness that we are acting from is like putting a band-aid on a broken limb.

With Calling in “The One,” instead of treating the symptoms, we go straight to the source.

Step by step, I guide you through this internationally acclaimed program to:

What your journey looks like

Releasing the Past

Healing Core Wounds & Making Space for love

We begin where you began. Many of our internal barriers to love were formed unconsciously in our early developmental years.

Together, we deconstruct the limiting worldview that you’ve been projecting onto the present and realign every choice with the future you desire. Free from the past, you lay a new foundation for love.

A Commitment to Self

Emotional Literacy & Making Wise Choices

Our relationships with others can only be as affirming and fulfilling as our relationship with ourselves. You learn - possibly for the first time - how to self-soothe in the face of disappointment, discomfort, and big feelings.

You practice giving yourself what you’ve always needed. You reconnect with your inner knowing and find confidence in your own choices. You are your own best teammate, and this relationship anchors your relationships with others.

From Me to We

Co-Creating Happy, Healthy Love

With newfound space, clarity, and presence, you approach relationship-building with fresh eyes.

You have accountability and unwavering support as you return to love with an expanded set of skills and capacities that are organic to your authentic self, rather than a wounded past. You navigate both disappointments and breakthroughs with the curious and generative mindset of a wise adult. By relating to the world from the truth of your value and worthiness of love, you are magnetic to all the joy and love that life has to offer - you create miracles!

Is this program for YOU?

Calling in “The One” is not for those who want to hide out.

The nature of this work – shifting the underlying consciousness from which we have been living and generating all of our relationships – requires a willingness to swim in deep waters.

Calling in “The One” asks you to take responsibility for developing your capacity to love and be loved.

Are you willing to grow and expand?
Are you willing to un-recognize yourself and become who you would need to be to magnetize and sustain healthy love?

let’s work together to...

Create love you can count on.

Calling in “The One”

private coaching with jessica yip

Ten 60-minute Coaching Sessions

Success Stories

michele testimonial

I feel like I’ve woken up out of a long trance!

“Before, I was extremely co-dependent, people pleasing constantly to ensure no one would be upset with me. I didn’t trust my own choices, believed other people knew better than me, and I felt like I had no value.

Today I’m a recovering people pleaser, I love myself, I trust myself, I’m making my own choices. I have my own back… no more self abandoning to make other people happy, I set boundaries! My relationships seem to feel more at ease and now I express my wants and needs. I’m not responsible for other’s emotions, only my own. What a relief! Jessica is full of juicy wisdom I can’t get enough! She has amazing insight which creates incredible breakthroughs for me. I have come so far with her support and guidance. I hold her very near and dear to my heart because she has changed my life.”

Michele R, Delaware

maurice testimonial

i take charge of my own life now!

“I’ve learned how to take charge of my own life and not wait for others to make the changes for me. Jess showed me that I need to continue to work on myself in order to continue to grow. She taught me that my thoughts and my life does matter. Without Jess as my coach, I would have struggled with sticking to reading the book and completing the assignments. Knowing that I had a coach to discuss what I was learning, kept me engaged and interested in the growing process. I enjoyed working with Jessica because she was patient, kind, and encouraging. She helped me to improve my self-confidence, courage and learning to be assertive.”

Maurice, virginia

What happens when you click the button?

You choose a time that works for you for a 30-minute complimentary consultation.

Then on our call, we discover if this is the right fit for you, and if so, what the program entails and what we can expect from each other.

Is this program for YOU?

This program is for you if you know the cost of staying the same is too much to bear.

Why Jessica

I know what it feels like to grow up with love that feels just out of reach.

As a child of resilient but deeply traumatized immigrants, I too grew up without models for the emotional maturity required to navigate healthy relationships. I know how disheartening it can be to admit that these gaps in development have been sabotaging our efforts in love ever since.

I’m living proof that you can move beyond those past patterns and cultivate the skills and capacities that nourish intimacy and love. I have helped dozens of clients reclaim what they truly desire in love and align their lives – including their work, home, and community – with that intention.

Anchored in their worthiness, they become unstoppable.

You too can have the freedom, joy, and sense of empowerment that comes with knowing you are on your right track.

Success Stories

“This course was the best decision I’ve made for myself… Working with Jess was amazing. She helped me recognize that I was standing in my own way. Calling in “The One” is by far the best book I’ve read as an adult, and with the support Jess provides, each session is through the roof. I highly recommend working with Jess to unpack who and what has created our perceptions of self. I’ve discovered parts of myself I never knew existed!”

Heather, CAlifornia

“I always knew that investing in yourself was worthwhile. I am so grateful I chose to go through this journey with Jess. I walk away a transformed, much happier, person. I feel so hopeful, confident and know I’m deserving of great things, and the right person, moving forward. I’ve learned to accept myself wholly and realize I am in charge of bringing those positive things into my life. I feel unafraid and excited about what my future brings. This course was about so much more than love to me!”

Hailey, california

If you’ve come this far, then you know you’re at a crossroads.

You can continue down your current path, which may feel ‘safer’ in many respects, but leads to all-to-familiar disappointment.

Or you can choose to free yourself from the past and discover the deeply satisfying love that has been waiting for you all along.

i encourage you to say yes to the possibilities...

Say yes to love.